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How the 6 Batteries will help you find Stability and Joy in Uncertain Times

How can we use the 6 batteries scan and model in times like these where we are forced into rapid change and agility? This question came from some of our clients last week and inspired me to elaborate on the matter.

First of all, let’s applaud ourselves for the agility, flexibility and openness to change we’ve shown the last couple of weeks. Companies found new ways of working, even started producing new products, and individuals found another work rhythm from home, with kids on their lap and online all the time. If you want this change to be sustainable though, it is important to realise that we were externally motivated to transform (hell, what a motivator that COVID thing is). External motivators have the typical characteristic that they only have a short-term impact and that, once removed, they lose their strength. It is again true that people don’t change because they see the light, but because they feel the heat.

To sustain these change initiatives, it is thus important to anchor them in our organisations long term and to make them part of our being, of our culture. Let’s see what this means then for the six batteries:

First, we take the pressure off : all companies have been working very hard these past weeks on charging their ‘Action Planning & Implementation’ battery. We are changing our way of working fast and taking initiatives day by day to follow up on every new newsflash. In doing so, we are well aware of the importance to sustain or increase our ‘connection with employees’. So we set up online apero’s, hangout meetings and we ‘zoom’ and ‘miro’ like we never did before. We have shown why agility is part of human nature… if we are forced to it.

The time is now to move to the other side of our battery spectrum and start recharging our strategy battery and create our scenarios for the future. To go from managing the day to day business to building a new, sustainable business model is key to keep ourselves relevant and successful. More than setting up a new strategy, it is about setting up scenario’s (Check this article: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/whats-future-my-business-after-covid-19-frank-dethier/?trackingId=ov0WIiyrLD1HK7FsjZFCKQ%3D%3D). What is our strategy in case of fast COVID-19 recovery and how will our business (model) look in case of slow recovery? Aligning our Ambitious Top team is crucial in then communicating loud and clear an inspiring and uniform message. Strong leadership is what creates the confidence for all to keep on going in these tough times.

The two bridge batteries will be the essential differentiators in the company’s recipe for success.

Your management infrastructure needs to be a reflection of your company’s strategy and culture. Build your governance and infrastructure to comply to the new normal. Here as well, things will not return immediately back to what it used to be, it might even never do. So, rethinking your management infrastructure in the context of fast recovery as well as in the scenarios of slow recovery will create clarity and define direction of your ‘new normal’ organizational design.

But first and foremost: to create a culture of stability in irrational times, resulting in a healthy balance between change & continuity will demand your organization to rationalize these culture elements that define success. It is also your company culture that will define how to handle these challenges. The common mistake is to start initiatives and hope that culture will adapt enough to enforce these actions. It is, in fact, the other way around. Your change plan is to be set up, taking into account the culture of the organization. For example: is your culture one of people who tend to be risk averse? Make sure you acknowledge their fears and need for reassurance in all of the other batteries. Or is your culture defined by intrapreneurship and innovation? Make sure you keep an openness to new ideas and think about how you can encompass this in your budget plan.

Things change. The only thing constant is change. It’s up to us to be adaptable and charge our batteries.

Let’s do this!

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