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Your Mindset in times of crisis

Did you notice it as well? How there is already a shift in your behavior and your perception of this current reality?

Although every day is still full of novelty and challenge, a kind of ease has come upon me. This made me think about the change phases this particular situation is putting us through.

- Bewilderment

Although I could also use the word confusion, bewilderment has a more striking meaning. We were taken aback by the continuous communication, the panic, the totally new situation, the uncertainty. Having to stay at home, work from home, with kids at home, … we couldn’t quite grasp what the effects would be and how we would manage.

One organisation sooner than the other, shifted all meetings to conference calls and made sure everything was set-up to handle business continuity from home. Organisations where homework was a non-discussable topic, were suddenly faced with a population that had to be trusted to do as agreed, but now… from home.

- Acceptance

This new stage is the phase where we all try to accept the situation in our own way. The feeling of not being the only one helps, the feeling of helplessness and lack of control is a wise lesson in dealing with work and other things differently. Two crucial factors, I believe are:

  • We lost a lot of the social pressure to be busy or to do what others expect from us. Yes, we have to do our jobs and, yes, of course we still have a lot of input from let’s say social media. On the other hand, I hear more and more people making the conscious choice which information they still read and when they do this (finally!). What a gift!

  • We are used to being able to get what we want. And if we don’t, we are jealous of those who do. I don’t know about you, but I currently do not get everything I want. No nights out with friends or dinner parties, no offline training or workshop assignments, no contact with my close family. Instead of that, I have to obey to a new force which limits my choices. And I can’t control it. Not now, not ever. I can only accept - there is no choice to be made there.

- Never the same

Things will never be the same. Neither personal, nor professional. There will be a time before Covid 19 and a time after. So, we start dealing with this new reality that is given to us (a reality we didn’t choose). I see businesses and people rise to the opportunity, think creatively about the new needs in a new economic market, help each other out and create new alliances. I am sometimes moved by the way I see people help each other and think about ways to make this easier. I see businesses think about the thin balance between grasping an opportunity and being opportunistic. On the other hand, I am often overwhelmed with the webinars, the online trainings, the good advice…

It makes me tired and it makes me think: am I not missing an important momentum?

But I’m going to take my time to go through the steps on my terms and at my pace. Currently I am glad I’m already accepting this reality and returning to my business as usual.

My new ideas will definitely come.

At my time.

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